17CE router that will make money

Collection of overseas monitoring points

With the development of the Chinese economy, a large number of Chinese enterprises are going overseas, resulting in a significant increase in demand for overseas monitoring points. Now we encourage everyone to bring profitable routers overseas. The testing task of overseas routers will be more than 10 times that of domestic routers. The profits are quite considerable, and we hope that users with conditions can configure the profitable router and bring it abroad, or send it to friends overseas by express delivery.

How to make money?

17CE is a well-known monitoring and speed measurement platform with over 100 million monitoring and testing requirements per day. 17CE allocates these monitoring tasks to franchised routers for execution, generating revenue for each effective task executed, and users can make money by lying down through routers. [100000 tasks=1 yuan].

Will 17CE routers be resource intensive?

No, the bandwidth is usually around 1M, which takes up some of the uplink and downlink. Our scheduling system also allocates tasks based on the router's load situation. If your router's load is too high, assigning past tasks will also affect the test results.

How much is the 17CE router? How to use it?

Free, as long as you have a router with MediaTek MT7620 chip in your hand, such as Xiaomi Mini Router, Newifi Mini Router, Feixun k1, k2, PoleRoute, etc. These routers all use this CPU. You can directly install a 17ce speed measurement client and use idle routers to make money lying down; The router client performs the assigned speed measurement task to obtain cloud coin revenue. When the revenue exceeds 50 yuan, bind the account information and contact online customer service to withdraw the cash.

How to withdraw profits??

WeChat searches the 17CE WeChat official account, binds its own 17ce website registration account and identity information, then logs in the money making router system on the home page of the 17ce website, submits the ID card face, after the application is approved, you can contact the online customer service to withdraw cash when the account income reaches 50 yuan at the end of each month.

ROM download address: PHICOMM k2   XIAOMI MINI.

Currently supported router models:

PHICOMM k2 router, XIAOMI MINI router

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