推荐使用17CE APP

  • Trend analysis

    It can mastery website performance curve and provide a powerful refer for site speed optimization. [More]

  • Error analysis

    Error analysis of monitoring data for all day, Website access error in what time.... [More]

  • Regional analysis

    Through regional analysis, it can quickly find out where the site is running slowly [More]

  • ISP analysis

    Through ISP analysis, it can quickly find the site in which operators to run slowly [More]

  • Monitoring point analysis

    Provide monitoring point data in order to reverse lookup [More]

speed ranking today week month

ranking domain time
1 www.baidu.com 0.49s
2 www.imut.edu.cn 0.515s
3 api.uouin.com 0.527s
4 wx3.sinaimg.cn 0.563s
5 sp1.baidu.com 0.603s
6 wx4.sinaimg.cn 0.605s
7 wx2.sinaimg.cn 0.68s
8 tvax2.sinaimg.cn 0.711s
9 xyk.kuike.ltd 0.937s
10 nfc-pl.webcdn.stream.ne.jp 6.14s

latest speed

domain type time
3656506.cc get 1.821s
www.pymh.com get 7.081s
cos.ap-beijing-cdz-tmap-1.my get 0.545s
t2.cdn.zx0898.com get 1.74s
www.baidu.com get 3.162s
www.rongdy.com ping 0.217s
www.yhspw.com get 1.353s
read.dongman.one get 5.37s
www.cupfox.run get 2.127s
f2ec66.zsykyy.com get 0.796s